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Monday 16 March 2015

Mourinho: Arsenal are title contenders

Good Morning to you all,

Yes I know anything that man says has to be taken with not just a pinch of salt but a bucket of salt, or something like that. However after Chelsea drew at home to the Saints yesterday we are now just 7 points behind them, albeit crucially, they have a game in hand. However, we still have to play them at the Emirates, and if we were to beat them, I'm sure there would be more than a few nervous Chelsea supporters. 

I know Wenger has never beaten Mourinho, but as I said in the build up to the United game; stats like that really don't mean anything. They get blown out of proportion and people twist them to say what they want to say. I like to use stats, but only as a guide. Anyway why does it matter that Wenger has never beaten him? It's not like they managed teams against each other in the French or Portugese League's, and played every season, they have only been in the opposite dugout for Arsenal v Chelsea games. Why does this matter I hear you mutter? Well for the simple reason that Chelsea have had better teams than we have, well beside's the first season, perhaps, (2004/2005), which were two draws. Also we have a bad record against Chelsea anyway, ever since Ambramovich pulled up. 

Anyway the point I wanted to make faster before waffling on was that it doesn't matter that a team with Patrick Vieira and Thierry Henry didn't beat Mourinho's Chelsea or a team with Cesc Fabregas and Robin Van Persie didn't beat Mourinho's Chelsea; all that matters is that this team beat Mourinho's Chelsea. They are capable of doing that and previous results should not matter. Don't believe all the nonsense that is reported when the game comes around; it's not about the manager's. 

Anyway let's have a look at both teams remaining fixtures;

Arsenal:                                                                                           Chelsea:

Newcastle (A)                                                                                   Hull  (A)                                                          

Liverpool  (H)                                                                                    Stoke  (H)

Burnley  (A)                                                                                      QPR  (A)

Sunderland  (H)                                                                                Man United  (H)

Chelsea  (H)                                                                                      Arsenal  (A)

Hull  (A)                                                                                            Leicester  (A)

Swansea  (H)                                                                                   Crystal Palace  (H)

Man United  (A)                                                                                Liverpool  (H)

West Brom  (H)                                                                                West Brom  (A)
                                                                                                          Sunderland  (H)
First of all it's important to note that the matches, although lined up at the same time, will not all be played the same weekend due to Chelsea's game in hand and our participation in the F.a cup semi- final. Chelsea are not in the cup semi-final because they lost 4-2 at home to Bradford (HA HA).

For the record here's what Mourinho said, as quoted in The Daily Mail;

"Of course Arsenal are in it,"They are seven points behind Chelsea, but have one less match to play than Chelsea."Both City and Arsenal are in the title race. It depends on the momentum for Arsenal - the 3-1 defeat against Monaco or the 3-0 defeat against West Ham? 
"So the danger is always there. But I keep saying, we are there. If someone had told me in August that, at the end of March, we'd be six points in front with a match in hand, I'd have signed for that immediately".

Personally I think we have no chance of winning the title, there is far too few games with far too big a points gap to catch up. Also we would have to win every game left and hope that City also drop points; there's too many variables we need to go right. Still it is a sign of clear progress in the team that this is even talked about, who would have thought anyone would be saying this a couple of months ago? I think we have a far better chance of going through against Monaco.

 However, it might get interesting if they drop more points and we beat them at the Emirates...

Right that's it for now, keep an eye out for more. I'll leave all the speculation to you lot. Let me know what you think in the comments. Is the title race back on? Do we have a chance at all? 

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Have a good one.

Subjectively, Comic Kid.


  1. We couldnt even drea, - at least now we can. Not saying it's possible but hey one can hope.

    1. Yeah your right- let's do the business against Monaco tomorrow! Thanks for your comment!