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Sunday 15 March 2015

Arsenal v West Ham; Player Ratings

Hello again, I must say I really enjoyed the game yesterday, we played some good football, and thoroughly enjoyed the win, anyway if you want more on that then go and see my review here.   Right I don't have much time so let's get down to the whole ratings business, where a non- professional footballer, with no writing experience gets to judge players, and rate them on their performance, its a lovely world we live in isn't it? Hey you're the one reading it!

Starting Lineup:

Ospina-7- He didn't have much to do, made one or two run of the mill saves but overall a quiet day for him and while many people criticize him for his short kicking, I would much rather that to Szczesny's kicking where he seems to put us under pressure every time he kicks it out. 

Chambers-6.75- It felt a bit harsh giving him a '6.5', but i don't think he quite deserves a higher score. He was good going forward and put in a couple of good crosses, but players ran in behind him too often. I still think he's better in the centre.

Mertesacker-7- Again I think Per had a good game and kept things calm at the back, also not afraid to boot the ball up field when everyone else is intent on playing tennis football, I like that. Good on you, Big Per. Of course he is always going to get caught on pace in games but it still surprises me how good his reading of the game is, and along with Koscielny sweeping up, it was never a big problem.

Koscielny-8- Another great game at the back, looks to be at his best and hopefully over the Achilles injury. Nothing really more to add.

Monreal-7.5- Another solid game and at this rate I can't see Gibbs getting back into the team, (then again, I think Gibbs will start Tuesday). We were never really troubled on his side today as i'm sure West Ham, in direction from the revolutionary Sam Allardyce, targeted Chambers more so.

Coquelin-7.5- I thought he was very good again, and made some great tackles. Although he didn't keep the ball too well at times. Can't have your cake and eat it I suppose.

Ramsey-8- Ramsey looked like he was caught in a time trap and must have thought he was playing in a game from last season, because that's how it looked to me. He had a great all round game, some lovely inter-play with Ozil and Giroud, and scored a great goal. He even put in a defensive shift too, can't ask for much more than that.

Walcott-5.5- Not his best game for Arsenal, as nothing really went right for him. His movement was good but I think if anything he just got in the way of some of the other players rather than help the team. He will need to improve if he wants to get into the team on a regular basis.

Ozil-7- I think he had another good game with some great inter-play with Giroud and Ramsey as I mentioned in the match review. He frustrated me a little, however, as he had multiple opportunities to shoot but chose to pass more often than not. He also had a 5 minute spell where nothing went right for him, but all in all, another solid game.

Sanchez-6.5- He didn't have his best game for us, but it's hard to be too critical of him due to the effort and commitment he always puts in. Hopefully he will be fresh for the Monaco game.

Giroud-9-MOTM- I don't think we can ask much more from him. He did some quality flicks in and around the box, bringing others into play and scored a great goal, It's what you want from your striker, isn't it ?


Welbeck-6.5- The usual problem with Welbeck; he get's into good positions and made some good runs down the left hand side, but couldn't find the right ball afterwards. I think he will start at Monaco on Tuesday night.

Cazorla-7- He looked really good again when he came on and grabbed the assist for the third goal with that lovely ball across the box. He will be a key player in Monaco.

Flamini-7- I might be generous in giving him a '7' but scoring a goal with his first touch is nothing to be sniffed at, especially for Flamini. Wasn't really involved besides that.

Right that's your lot for now, keep an eye out for more.
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Subjectively, Cosmic Kid.


  1. Good performance saturday.It would be interesting what midfield Wenger picks for the goals or bust game with Monaco.I agree with Mathew about Ozil and for that reason I would not play him against a well drilled Monaco team.My midfield/ would be Coquelin,Ramsey,cazorla,Sanchez,Walcott,Giroud.I would also take a gamble with Gibbs as he is better going forward then Monreal.Bring Ozil/Rosicky on later if/when needed. -

    1. Everyone slags off Giroud as not being able to score enough goals, he got over twenty last season improving on the seventeen from his first, and in EIGHTEEN starts he has managed FOURTEEN so far this which is a better strike rate than ANY other forward in the premier league and that's not mentioning his assists, yes hes no Usain Bolt, but that's over fifty goals in two and a half seasons a very good return plus he is now scoring them away and in big games, he just gets better if he sees out his career with us he WILL be another centurion .

  2. Agree with the authors ratings - now let's replicate the result tomorrow - Come on you Gunners

    1. nice surprise was that the tactical genius also called Moaninho messed up against 10-man PSG. These being two teams fabricated on money from outside football I don’t like them at all. But at least their manager doesn’t poke other coaches in the eye or is constantly having cheap shots at other people so he is a bit more likeable.

      The way the Chelsea players behaved was nicely highlighted and the way Mourinho chose to defend the 1-1 from the first leg against a team that had to play 90 minutes with 10 men was amazing. Well not that amazing if you know Mourinho. But that it backfired in such a way is not something that happens everyday. Because of other obligations I only saw the last 20 minutes of extra time and I didn’t know PSG were a man down until they scored the equaliser and the reporter mentioned it. I couldn’t tell that they were a man down and that made them and their performance even more impressive.

      As a result if we and Manchester City cannot turn around our first leg deficit, once again no PL team will be in the last eight of the Champions League.

      It really is time that people in England need to think about that and go looking for the reasons. Yes reasons. And let me give a clue about one reason that has nothing to do with it: too many foreigners. But maybe people could look at other things. Like getting PL to overplay in some periods when other leagues take a short but welcome rest.

  3. As I enjoy my breakfast of burgoo
    (ex-squaddies will know what I mean), I spare a thought for our task tomorrow night.
    Our target must be two early goals without reply. The tension then will be so great that ANY southern continental side will start to crumble. It’s all that balmy weather, olive oil and fishy diet. Folk living on the shores of the Med simply cannot cope with inspired English/Welsh pressure.

  4. Arsenal sit seven points behind having played a game more than Chelsea. At best, Chelsea have to draw four of their remaining games (or lose x and draw y – I’m aware of the various mathematical permutations). The unspoken element is that Arsenal must win the games, as well as matching Chelsea in the remaining matches. The meeting between the two sides next month takes on extra meaning with Arsenal needing to buck history by winning. Not avoiding defeat, winning.

    All of which presumes Manchester City don’t go and hit a rich vein of form. Just as Arsenal and Chelsea may turn the season its head, so can City bring on about-turn recent form. They may get up from the floor, dust themselves down and shake the mud from their clothes before winning every game between now and the end of the season. A run I hasten to add, renders the improbables that Arsenal need, irrelevant.

    The Improbable s.

    It’s not quite as imposing as The Invincibles, is it?

    1. I don’t mean to disparage or demean Monaco but they are not a great side. Well-organised and tactically astute, certainly but not great. Defeat, with recent history, cannot be ascribed to a bad night at The Emirates. It’s a weakness that has surfaced many times during Arsène’s reign.

      Whether it is tactical, mental, I don’t know but it’s a common theme throughout his reign. Is it a managerial weakness, poor performance by the players or simply bad luck? Most likely any combination of the three.

      All of which is a chain of thought for another day. Tomorrow offers the opportunity of welcome distraction. It’s not meaningless, Arsenal could go through but low expectations bring a certain detachment from proceedings. You know that won’t last if a second Arsenal goal is scored, you know the edge of the seat will become more comfortable and the beer gulped faster.

      It’s not the failure, I can handle the failure. It’s the hope that kills me…

  5. Interesting times indeed. Everyone looks almost as fragile as we have all season! The title is gone. IF things continued to shift in our direction, I’d entertain a chat in a months time. But for now, leave it, yeah?

    Tomorrow night is an interesting one. I’m pretty much in YW’s camp in that it’s gone, but there’s a tiny chance. The fact the the first goal doesn’t necessarily matter is an interesting line of mental preparation. This team have shown they can go for it. Can they do it and shut the door at their end though?

    The mental game is interesting when you look at it from Monacos point of view. How confident are they of holding it together for 90 minutes? They’ll know we had chances at the Emirates. What would it take to make them doubt? A goal down inside twenty minutes and us swarming? Two?

    I said it the day after the first leg. You know we’ll win 2:0 tomorrow. Or possibly the real sickener, be 3:0 up, missing a hatful of chances, injury time goal from Berbatov, taking it to penalties. Where the inevitable happens. Sorry, but this Arsenal we’re talking about and you know I’m not far from the mark

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone- Let's hope we can do the business tomorrow! COYG!