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Sunday 21 June 2015

More Updates On Cech Transfer..

                                                                                  Arsenal Bound?

Well here we are in the thick of silly season and yet the only thing silly seems to be the impending arrival of Petr Cech from title rivals Chelsea, who just happen to be managed by Jose Mourinho. I wrote last week on the possibility of this transfer actually happening and at the time I really didn't see this as a possibility, looking at all the factors, and especially seen as we have all been fooled into thinking transfers were done before, Higuain and Remy for example. However, my opinion has changed over the course of the last week and it's looking quite likely that this may happen.

There have been a couple of 'signs' the last couple of days that have sent people on twitter eager for any sort of official announcement from Arsenal. The first being Stuart MacFarlane, Arsenal's official photographer following Cech on Instagram which was taken as a sure fire sign of the Czech international's arrival. I can obviously see how people have jumped to that conclusion but I doubt that the club's photographer has any special insight on transfer dealings. He might hear some chatter around the club, but I imagine that would be about it. He has since tried to clear up the matter via twitter:
"Funny people think I know what's going on with transfers, just a photographer. I'm an Arsenal fan like you and follow all the media rubbish".
Anyway let's just hope he is right. There was also a picture put up on Tomas Rosicky's Instagram account saying 'Welcome to #Arsenal Petr Cech', and seeing as both players are international teammates this sent everyone into a frenzy. However, it has since been confirmed that it was a fake account and the real Tomas Rosicky has not put anything up on the subject at all....yet.

Even with all this nonsense floating around I think the signs look good in general, there's no smoke without fire after all. However, for me at least, today was the biggest sign, as Sky Sports have claimed that there has been progress made towards a transfer.

Up until now the big, and generally more reliable media sites have been realtively quiet on this topic, so this is encouraging. Sky have claimed that while the fee is yet to be agreed, personal terms, in principle have been agreed between the player and the club. Here is what they said;
"Sky sources report Cech, 33, has agreed personal terms in principle on a switch to the Emirates Stadium but we understand the two clubs are still not close to agreeing a fee and negotiations will continue this week"
 "The transfer fee is unknown but it will be a cash only deal, with Chelsea's request to receive a  home-grown player as part of the proposed transfer no longer being considered"

So there we have it, it's also great to see that there will be no player exchanges as part of the deal, because I really wouldn't have wanted to lose Chamberlain, the player supposedly wanted by Chelsea. All in all it looks good, here's an article on the Metro comparing Cech to Ospina and Szczesny, the new arrival looking a definite upgrade. It would be great to see this deal go through as I don't think we have had a steady goalkeeper since mad Jens left, this signing could be the foundation of a strong title challenge.

Anyway I will leave the rest of the transfer speculation to you lot, let me know your thoughts on the situation in the comments.

Have a good one.

Subjectively, Cosmic Kid.



  1. “His major flaw for me is that he stays on his line and unlike say Lloris at Spurs and to a degree Courtois he is used to his back four, or at least the two central defenders, one full back and a holding midfielder, laying deep and not needing to advance to the edge of his box to cover the space”

    And that is my big reservation about Cech (and my love for our current goal keepers �� ) Or will Wenger change the system and go parking the bus a bit more ��

    Fact is Chelsea has played a lot the system where taking the lead they just sit back and kill the opposition on the counter. Something Arsenal rarely does over the last years.

    So the question will be if Cech can adopt to such a system and if he is the right man for this. I remember a 3-5 score a few years ago where Arsenal countered Chelsea to pieces and he sure couldn’t stop the Arsenal attackers on that day.

    1. I don't think you can use that as a fair stick to beat him with. Yes he has had a better defence at Chelsea, but couldn't someone alternatively point out that logic says that Arsenal tend tp have more of the ball, thus less goalkeeping work...Besides we have improved massively defensively, and have actualy started to sit back to hold onto a lead!

  2. We were the third best defensive team last season. Chelsea were the best letting in 32 goals, Southampton 33 goals, and Arsenal 36. You wonder with Cech in the team, if we cant make up 4 conceded goals on Chelsea and finish the season as the best defensive team. Thats one area we have progressed really well over the years - defending. As early as two seasons ago where we reeled in Spurs after winning a whole heap of games in the run in either 1-0 or 2-1. Too many are influenced by the old cliche of Arsenal being weak at the back. Kosicleny, Gabriel, Mertesacker, Chambers as centre halfs, with Bellerin/Debuchy and Monreal/Gibbs on both flanks. Those who think Arsenal need a 'world class centre half' are narrow minded fools who probably think Vincent Kompany is better than Kosicleny.

  3. We're supposedly looking at Aubameyang for 28m, if you believe the rumours. I think I was talking about this prospect with someone on here a week or two ago. It's one that makes sense from a versatility angle, allowing Wenger to give both Giroud and Walcott the illusions of being focal within the first team while also strengthening us in number and IMO quality. This is a guy who can play all across the front three - has played a fair bit of his career on the left and so will be able back-up for Sanchez, and can play as a striker or RW flanking either Giroud or Walcott up front. It's just one of those deals that make sense for us to at least consider. There isn't much out there in terms of available top quality strikers within our budget, but Auba still has the potential to get better. A Sanchez, Auba, Walcott frontline is as pacy and deadly as they come, and screams "goals!" to me. Walcott, Welbeck, Sanchez, Oxlade, Auba and Giroud. That's pretty good squad depth for the front three and, apart from Giroud, offers serious pace, flexibility and versatility. Higuain, Aguero, Cavani... I don't see those sorts of transfers happening personally. Lacazette and Vietto are still unproven, if highly promising. But this guy Auba has done it in Ligue 1 and Bundesliga and scored 25 last season, looking like Dortmund's best player in the process. This is one rumour I will keep an eye on as it makes sense to me and, with 25% off that 28m price, I'd be pretty chuffed!

  4. Really not interested in selling Wilshere to City no matter how much they offer. City are currently in a vulnerable state. They are desperate for homegrown players and its entirely plausible that next season they may have no more than 17 eligible outfield players for the entire season. Even if they sign Sterling, they still only have 3 homegrown players to play a part. We couldn't count the list of our homegrown players on two hands, which is why we have a really long and deep squad. And im not just counting by the sheer number of players - but actually players with first team experience who can make a difference. The whole idea of Wilshere going to City, is so he could supposedly get more game times. Thats because our midfield is Sanchez, Ramsey, Wilshere, Walcott, Chamberlain, Coquelin, Welbeck, Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky (10), you could even stretch it by including Gnabry, Flamini and Arteta. Whilst City's is Navas, Toure, Fernando, Fernandinho, Silva, Nasri (6) and it doesnt go deeper than that. City cant sign any more foreign players as they are maxed out on foreign players. City are in a uncomfortable situation. Selling them Wilshere would be doing them a big favour. But thats all secondary. We want to keep Wilshere for the simple reason his potential is immense and still untapped.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Good point, and besides you can't overestimate the effect having a nucleus of English players at the club. I have said it for a while, Arsenal's squad is actually quite big, its not numbers but quality we need!

  5. I think it's fair to say that we are and have been making some exciting, top quality buys recently. In particular, Ozil, Sanchez, Welbeck and now Cech. I pick these four out because not only are they quality (or with the potential to be, in the case of Welbeck) but they're also winners. This squad has always seemed short to me mentally and I have doubted its ability to deliver when the pressure is on and its will to win, particularly when it comes to the PL and CL. Well, introducing winners into the team is not the worst way to address this by any means, and we should now be awash with quality, class, experience, character and a winning attitude. You add the likes of Cazorla and Mertesacker who've won international honours... Well, we're still short of where I would like us to be in terms of personnel in certain areas, but man we are closer than we've been in a long, long time!

    1. Yep agree completely, a couple of quality additions and we are there...Hopefully Cech is the first of those!