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Tuesday 10 March 2015

Chamberlain set to be Ruled out for 4 Weeks, Reports Say; Walcott to get his chance?

It appears that the latest news about Chamberlain's injury is  not good for Arsenal fans as he looks set to be ruled out for up to 4 weeks. The Mirrior reports that he will have a scan on Wednesday in order to diagnose the seriousness of the injury. If the reports are true then it will mean Gunners will be missing a key man at such an important part of the season. It would rule him out of the game at home to Liverpool on the 4th of April and only give him a small chance of making the Chelsea match later that month. It is also reported that he will miss England's upcoming Euro 2016 qualifier against Lithuania and the friendly against Italy later this month also, but that really is the least of any Arsenal fans concern. The 'OX' produced yet another good performance last night and looked threatening throughout. He was fast, direct and never gave Luke Shaw a moments rest before he was substituted. The injury was the only real disappointment on an otherwise great night for the club.

What does this mean for Walcott, however? Last night when the substitute was being made he seemed ready to come on, was wearing his kit, only to sit back on the bench. No one seems to know what happened, but I have a hunch that Theo assumed that he would come on. Look at the fact's; would Wenger make a substitution at the 50th minute mark?  It would certainly be strange as we all know, often to our frustration, that Wenger tends to wait until the 70th minute and after. Why would Wenger tell Walcott to get ready, only to change his mind a moment later? It is certainly possible, but I don't think so. Walcott has been an un-used substitute in 4 of the last 5 games, so I think its fair to say that its not down to easing him back from injury. I think the problem here was made perfectly clear when Wenger said that 'only players who make defensive contributions can play' in a previous press conference; to me that was clearly directed at Walcott. There is no doubting his quality in the final third, but overall I don't think Walcott offers the team enough; he doesn't have the workrate or defensive capabilities of any of his main competitors in Sanchez, Welbeck or Chamberlain. The next few weeks will give us a clue as to Wenger's intentions, with Chamberlain's injury. I think Walcott might start at the weekend. Could it be that Walcott is a  'Home' player option only? I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that his day's at Arsenal may be numbered, however.

Also, here's a really good article in the Telegraph, about some of United's horrible behaviour from last night. It's time players like Rooney are pulled up; English or not.

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