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Saturday 13 June 2015

Wilshere On Injuries And Man City Links..

Posting two days in a row has been a rare thing on the blog the last while, but so too is the realization of an alcohol free weekend to come; no alcohol and no Arsenal on a Saturday is not a great combination. I suppose there is international football, and from my side the Ireland match, but watching this national team is, well, not fun. Anyway this will just be a short post.

Jack Wilshere has been speaking to the media while out on international duty with the England squad. He has had another injury hit campaign, after suffering a clumbsy foul from Mc Nair against United back in November, he only returned to the squad against Hull at the start of May. It has been a strange season for Jack as he got injured initially while he was starting to get some form together, and even as he came back last month he looked fresh and determined to get game time, but the season was almost over. He has been as unlucky on the pitch as he has been stupid at times off the pitch. Here's what he said on the injury front;
“I was just starting to play well, I was feeling good about myself. 
“When I was injured, a few people said I should change my game, that should get it and pass it,”  
“It did go through my head, I thought: ‘Maybe they are right, maybe I should.’ But as soon as I came back and I got on the ball, I just wanted to run with it. 
“You look at the best dribblers in the world, [Lionel] Messi and [Andres] Iniesta, it seems to stick to their foot. I can work on that when I am dribbling, but I am never going to change my game. 
“You have to learn from your mistakes and the only way you are going to evolve as a person and as a footballer is by making mistakes and learning from them.”

 He has also been linked with a move to Man City, who besides their unusual fetish for signing Arsenal players, are looking to back up their home grown quota. What a stupid rule that is,  anyway here is what he had to say, via Sportinglife:
"I definitely wouldn't go somewhere just because I'm a home-grown player. I'd want to be wanted by a club, I want to be wanted by Arsenal,"
          "I've grown up at Arsenal. As long as Arsenal want me, I'm happy."
          "It's been a frustrating season. There have probably been more lows than highs,"

I really hope he is able to stay fit next season as it really is time for him to kick on now. While i'm not exactly sure if he would get back into the starting lineup, it would give us the options we need. It also creates competition in the team and there have been some who have suggested, for example, that Giroud only plays well when Welbeck is fit. Obviously no one can answer that question, but it is an interesting viewpoint nonetheless. One would hope that it is not the case and that the players are all self motivated. Competition is what we need. If Wilshere is back and fully fit, what will that do to Cazorla and Ramsey? I for one would love to find out. 

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Subjectively, Cosmic Kid.

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